About Chateau de la gabelle Lavender

We are official UK stockists of

Chateau de la Gabelle organic Lavender

We sell only quality graded and fully organic certified French lavender which has been Bureau Veritas approved as pure organic single origin Provence lavender.

Our Lavender is specially sourced from one of the finest growing regions in Provence. 

Le Chateau de la gabelle has been owned and managed by the same family since the 16th century and has over four hundred and fifty  years experience of growing quality lavender...

 Cultivated at high altitude in full sun

1300ft above sea level on the sun drenched slopes of Mt Ventoux

 In haute de Provence.

Grown from seed, single origin, Pure Organic lavender

Of superior class to its rivals

Bureau Veritas certified

No additives pesticides, additives or preservatives are ever used in our lavender.

The lavender is randomly checked  4 times per year by the farmers after it has left Provence and is in our possession to ensure the maximum quality is been maintained from cultivation to transportation to  storage and delivery to our customers.

Simply the Best

A copy of the certification can be provided along with the BV logo upon purchase of the lavender if requested